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Support Brace fitting

People go through physiotherapy for the pain they might be experiencing in some part or joint of their body. However, the physician might advise you to wear brace support so that the affected joint is stabilized and heals quickly. It is important that the brace support is worn properly so that there is no discomfort and damage to the ailing joint due to improper fitting.


An improper brace fitting might hamper your mobility and cause discomfort at the location. Let us say that a patient has worn a knee brace and due to improper fit it slides down – this causes irritation and can even make the patient trip over. On the other hand, if the brace is too tight, it might strangulate the joint, cutting off the blood supply leading to swelling, numbness, and even discoloration of the place.


Some braces, like the back support brace, are typical to wear and might need some assistance and also re-fitting from time to time. To avoid these hassles consult Dunes Pain Specialists where our therapists will guide you on how to wear brace support perfectly.


At Dunes Pain Specialists, we provide Non-Interventional medical services like brace fitting support. Our physicians and physiotherapy staff, through their years of experience, will guide you to choose the correct brace support and how to wear it properly. We are well-versed with all the types of support braces present in the industry.


A simple way to figure out if a brace is too tight or loose is the two-finger method. Slide two fingers in the brace you wear – if two fingers slide in easily then the brace is perfect, otherwise, it is tight. However, if a third finger can also be inserted then it is too loose and needs to be tightened. Try moving around and walking with the brace on--if it feels uncomfortable or causes pain then you are wearing it improperly.


Call us if you want more information and assistance regarding any type of support braces!

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