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Welcome to our Patient Information Page

At Dunes Pain Specialists, we try our level best to keep our patients as comfortable as possible. Apart from the treatment, we put in the sincerest efforts to provide the patient with a hassle-free treatment experience. To make the treatment-phase as smooth as possible, we have our patient portal which is a great tool for individuals to help themselves with non-clinical processes.

Communication is the key to getting good treatment. Our patient portal acts as a bridge between patients and our medical experts for seamless cooperation and coordination. It is also our commitment to provide the most modern facilities for patients.


Our patients do not have to worry about forgetting their records, prescriptions, or appointment dates as everything is present in our central records online. A critical utility that our portal provides is helping our esteemed patients in saving their valuable time. Just by sitting in the comfort of their homes, they have full access to their medical records and control over appointments.


We at Dunes Pain take utmost care regarding our patient’s information and data. You can rest assured that your personal and medical data is fully secured in our portal with only you having access to them. Keeping the ease-of-operation in mind, our portal is ergonomically designed so that patients have no issues in accessing their records, booking an appointment, or making payments.

The Dunes Pain portal assists our patients with tasks like:


  • Making appointments

  • Printing care summaries

  • Prescriptions

  • General medical queries

  • Requesting demography related changes

  • Downloading reports and medical records

  • Checking availability of doctors and physicians

  • Getting reminders of their appointments for consultation or tests

  • Making payments online

There are many more facilities available once you log-in to our patient portal.


With our portal empowering patients, they have a firm grip over their health. Click the given links to access your records in our patient portal!

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