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Sciatic Nerve Block 

Sciatic Nerve Pain Causes


The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that runs through your hips and legs. It is formed with 5 nerves combining in your lower back and is responsible for controlling sensations in the lower body parts like legs. When this nerve is damaged or injured due to traumatic injuries, or from conditions like degenerated or herniated discs, the sciatic nerve gets pressed leading to a stabbing ache in your hips and legs. Such kind of pain symptoms is dealt with by the Sciatic Nerve Block giving relief to the patient. This is a minimally invasive medication therapy involving local anesthetics and steroids.

Procedural Overview


At Dunes Pain Specialists, the physician first disinfects the procedure site, and then local anesthesia is given. Due to the anesthesia, the patient does not feel any discomfort while being awake throughout the procedure. To perform the procedure with pinpoint precision, the doctor might use fluoroscopic imaging for injecting a dye and confirm the pathway of the needle. Once the needle is placed, the medication mixture of the anesthetic and steroid is administered directly on the damaged sciatic nerve. After the therapy is over, the physician will then apply a dressing over the site and send the patient to the recovery room.

After Care

Once the Dunes Pain specialist is satisfied with the vitals of the patient aftercare guidelines will be provided and the individual will be sent home. As the patient has received local anesthesia they might have minor side-effects like dizziness, nausea, soreness, or mild swelling around the procedure site. A rest of 24 hours is recommended and patients should not indulge in physically strenuous activity during that time. Initially, relief in pain will be because of the anesthetic which is temporary in nature. After that, the steroid medication comes into effect within a couple of days giving prolonged relief.


Nonetheless, if the side-effects aggravate and you experience any fever or infection, we request you to contact Dunes Pain Specialists immediately.

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