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Nerve Blocks

If conservative therapy methods like oral medication, or non-invasive therapy like massage, are not able to relieve a patient from pain then Nerve Block procedures are advised. Nerve block has many benefits due to multiple objectives from the therapy which can be achieved. Dunes Pain’s physicians might recommend a nerve block when:


  • The source and reason for a patient’s pain is unknown

  • The painful symptoms are to be either managed or healed

  • The response of the patient’s pain condition from the therapy needs to be predicted

  • Post-surgery short term pain relief is required


During the nerve block procedure, your Dunes Pain physician will administer local anesthetic or steroid medication that makes the target nerves numb. This minimally invasive therapy acts as an impediment for the nerve to transmit pain information to the brain. Nerve blocks are found to be quite effective for chronic pain and the prolonged relief can persist up to 1 year. However, the severity of the patient’s condition and symptoms is a major factor in this therapy – multiple injections might be needed to suppress the pain in some cases.


If your pain is refusing to subside even after conventional treatments, it is time you call Dunes Pain Specialists!

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