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Medial Branch Block 

Procedural Overview


If facet joints in the spine suffer from degenerative conditions like facet joint syndrome, there is a possibility of the medial branch nerves getting pressed causing severe discomfort and pain. Medial branch nerves are the nerves that connect the facet joints and provide pain information to the brain. The Medial Branch Block therapy is performed to provide relief to patients ailing from medial nerve pain. It happens to be a minimally invasive procedure that provides immense and almost instant relief to the patient through a combination of local anesthetic and steroids administered to the affected nerves.


Patients should understand that the Medial Branch Blocks are used mainly for diagnostic purposes. In case the patient gets satisfactory relaxation in the pain than physicians at Dunes Pain Specialists, for prolonged relief might recommend another therapy known as radiofrequency ablation.

The doctor will make you lie face down for the procedure area to be cleaned and disinfected. After that local anesthesia will be applied to make the injection area tissues numb. Using x-ray fluoroscopy guidance – helps to precisely determine which part of the spine is injured – the physician will administer the steroid medication. The patient’s feedback will be taken during the Medial Branch Block procedure to see whether there is relief in the pain or not. If the patient is relieved of pain then it is confirmed that the procedure was successful.


The entire procedure takes less than 30 minutes but sometimes due to the condition of the patient, multiple injections might be required.


After Care


After the procedure, the Dunes Pain physician monitors the patient and provides aftercare instructions. If IV sedatives or anesthesia is administered then the patient might need assistance from someone to drive home. Aftercare instructions can include avoiding strenuous physical activities, driving, and prolonged sitting for 24 hours. People might feel increasing pain once the anesthesia wears off which is normal. The corticosteroids will then come into action and provide prolonged relief that can last from weeks to several months.


If you suffer from fever, any infection or allergic reaction, or rashes at the injection area then contact Dunes Pain Specialists without the wait. We are always there to take care of your health!

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