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Compression Fracture 

What is Compression Fracture?

These compression fractures originate in spinal vertebrae when the bones collapse. These fractures are generally observed in the thoracic and lumbar portion of our spine but not in the cervical portion. Usually, it is the front of the bone that collapses leaving the back portion of the same bone intact. Sometimes, this results in a wedge-shaped spine bending the patient’s back, therefore, a compression fracture is also called a wedge fracture.


A compression fracture is an excruciatingly painful condition and is identified with the help of CT-Scans or MRIs. At Dunes Pain Clinic, our medical experts are well-trained in dealing with this condition and have successfully treated many patients for a pain-free life.


What causes these fractures?

Compression fractures are caused due to underlying conditions like osteoporosis which makes the bones brittle and prone to fractures. If a person undergoes a trauma causing injury like an accident, it can rupture the vertebrates in the spine leading to compression fractures. It is also observed that people suffering from cancer that spreads to the bones can also experience this condition.


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Symptoms of Compression Fracture

The symptoms generally include pain in the back that is often debilitating and can transform into chronic pain. Patients find it extremely difficult to make movements and sometimes are even crippled by it. This condition can also reduce the height of a patient as the spine becomes deformed and can acquire the shape of a wedge. Patients might feel temporary relief in their pain after taking rest.


Treatments for Compression Fracture

Both non-surgical and surgical therapies are used to treat compression fractures. The non-surgical methods include:

  • Medications: Over the counter painkillers, narcotic based opioids, and muscle relaxing drugs might be used to reduce the pain and provide relief.

  • Occupational Therapy: Certain movements might be prescribed to the patient that does not aggravate the pain due to fracture. Patients can be advised to take rest and do restricted movements for acute pain.

  • Back Brace: To restrict the movements that disturb the fractured vertebrates, back braces might be strapped on to the patients. They provide relief to a certain extent but prolonged wearing is uncomfortable.

The surgical methods comprise of 


  • Vertebroplasty And Kyphoplasty: These minimally invasive surgical procedures are performed by our expert physicians and surgeons. A balloon is inserted into the spine which is inflated to make the bones return to their regular shape. After that, cement is injected into the hollow cavity which sets in the bone providing it support and strength. This procedure is performed in a short span and provides prolonged relief from the pain.


At Dunes Pain Clinic, our physicians and medical experts are well acquainted with every modern therapy to treat Compression Fractures. Call us for a healthy spine!

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