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Chronic Medical Pain Management

What is Pain Management?

Sometimes, even after getting various treatments and consuming various medications, the pain persists. This kind of chronic pain whose cause and cure is not clear needs the multi-dimensional approach of Pain Management. Chronic Pain Management is a branch of medicine in which a holistic approach towards a patient’s pain is taken. This makes pain management an interdisciplinary approach towards reducing the pain of the patient.


Therefore, apart from just a physician, pain management includes other medical practitioners like psychologists, physiotherapists, dieticians, nutritionists, occupational and vocational therapists, nurses, and pharmacists. All of these medical practitioners then work as a team to find a way for reducing the patient’s chronic pain in the most effective manner. The goal of this entire procedure is to improve the overall quality of your life.


Apart from getting treatment from medical practitioners belonging to various disciplines, the therapies that the patient will be administered might belong to various categories like invasive, non-invasive, and even alternative medicine. Therapies can include:

  • Acupuncture

  • Water Therapy

  • Meditation and breathing techniques

  • Body Massages

  • OMT

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy

All throughout this process, the communication between the patient and medical practitioners involved is of utmost importance. The aim of all these techniques is to reduce your pain in an efficient manner, increasing mobility, and improving the quality of your life.


Pain Management at Dunes Pain Specialists

At Dunes Pain Specialists, we have a tried and tested pain management process in place which has dealt with numerous chronic pain patients. Our team of physicians and other medical staff meets every medical standard and certification, administering the most modern and effective therapy. The patient’s feedback is taken through extensive communication so that the root cause of the pain is known. This feedback forms the basis of the therapies that will be administered.


We ensure that optimum treatment is given to the patient keeping their comfort in mind, avoiding distress, and negating any adverse side-effects.

If you feel that chronic pain has deteriorated the quality of your life, we at Dunes Pain Specialists want to help!

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