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Celiac Plexus Block 

Procedural Overview


The celiac plexus or solar plexus nerves are a group of nerves present in our abdomen which are connected to the Aorta artery and other major organs. Many conditions like colitis, appendicitis, irritable bowel syndrome, or even an invading tumor due to pancreatic cancer can cause pain in these nerves. Celiac Plexus Block is a minimally invasive procedure in which the medication is given through an injection that relaxes the nerve and blocks it from carrying pain information from your abdomen to the brain.


Our physicians ensure that the surgical environment in which the procedure will be performed is completely sanitized. Patients are given a combination of local anesthetic and a pain-relieving steroid medication through the intravenous method. First, the anesthetic is administered by the physician through a very thin needle next to the spine. After this, a dye is injected to determine the correct location for administering the medication. Subsequently, the pain-relieving steroids are injected to give prolonged relief.


This entire process takes around half an hour and the relief from this procedure depends on the individuals which can last from weeks to months.


After Care


After our medical specialists check the vitals, patients can go to their homes after this therapy. There are no serious side effects of this procedure apart from a bit of numbness in the abdomen wall and limbs – sometimes diarrhea and low blood pressure are also observed. There might also be some soreness/swelling at the injection spot which can be treated through ice packs. Severe side-effects in this procedure are rarely observed.


You can resume your normal routine and diet, but driving and physical exertion is not advised for 24 hours.

If any serious reactions arise, we at Dunes Pain Specialists are always there to assist you.

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