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Caudal Steroid Injection 

Procedural Overview

Patients suffering from pain in the lower back and limbs are given caudal steroid injection therapy which is administered in the lower epidural region. This minimally invasive procedure involving an anesthetic and steroid solution is done on patients that suffer from sciatica, herniated discs, spondylosis, facet joint pain, bone spurs, and many more conditions. In caudal steroid injection therapy, patients are not admitted and can return after taking the injection the very day. 


At Dunes Pain Specialists, our providers thoroughly sanitize the surgical environment for the procedure. The area on the patient’s body in which the injection will be administered is also disinfected. A local anesthetic drug is given to the patient, and once it shows its effect, the doctor through the sacral hiatus – a gap present at the lower end of the sacrum – injects a contrast dye through a needle. With the assistance of a fluoroscope, the physicians will make certain that the placement of the treatment needle is correct. After the needle is placed at the precise location, the specialist will then administer the anesthetic-steroids solution to the nerves. At the end of the procedure, the needle is withdrawn with a bandage covering the location of the injection.


After Care


Right after the injection therapy, patients are guided towards recovery rooms for rest. Utmost care is taken in observing the vitals of the patient for swift action in case of any detrimental reaction. After getting clearance from the physician, the individual is imparted with after-care instructions for a speedy recovery at home. Care instructions may include drinking water to remain hydrated, cleaning of the location, and changing the bandage dressing on a daily basis to accelerate recovery. To manage the pain due to the injection therapy instructions like ice pack application, taking proper rest, and painkillers may be imparted.


However, if a patient feels any discomfort like flaring up of pain, swelling, fever, allergic reactions, or redness in the vicinity of the injection site, they should contact their nearest Dunes Pain Specialists clinic.

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