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Medication Management

The Need for Medication Management

Medication management therapy is a range of activities that manage the medication or drug intake of a patient. Many times due to multiple kinds of medicines being prescribed, a patient might not be able to take the medicines properly and often miss, or sometimes, take an overdose of it. It is possible that due to multiple drugs, a damaging cocktail of medicines is being administered that might be harmful to the patient’s health. Therefore, it becomes extremely important that the optimal dosage at the correct time is administered to the patient for achieving the goal of medicines – that is, improving the health of ailing individuals.


It is here that medication management comes into action. It helps the patients to consume their medication in an optimum manner negating the possibility of overdosage and consuming conflicting medicines. The MTM is put into practice simultaneously by both doctors and pharmacists so that the patients are given the ideal medication.


MTM at Dunes Pain

With our vast experience at Dunes Pain Specialists, we have the best Medication Management Therapy service available for our patients meeting the highest industry standards. Once patients subscribe to our MTM service, they and their family members can relax from the hassles of remembering a labyrinth of medical prescriptions. There are various advantages of medication management as mentioned below:

  • Better use of medication by patients

  • Patients are better able to meet their short-term and long-term healthcare objectives.

  • Minimizing the risk of side-effects, duplication, and conflicting reactions of medications

  • Well defined analysis regarding safety and compatibility of all medical prescriptions

  • Fewer visits to the hospital/clinic due to any adverse reactions because of a drug overdose, or negative interactions between various medicines


Do you think your medications and prescriptions are becoming too stressful for you to remember? Do you feel that you are at the risk of skipping your medicines or taking an overdose?


If so, contact Dunes Pain Specialists for your consultation – we are always there to take care of your health.

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